Our machine park


A 5-axis machining centre allows for making complicated shapes. We offer production of patterns, prototypes and standards with the 0.01 mm accuracy on the 4100 x 2100 x 1000 mm working area.

Painting chamber

Professional painting chamber for surface treatment to customer specs after the CNC machining.

Membrane vacuum press

VPR-3000 membrane vacuum press for wooden parts. The model is equipped with a heating system for faster adhesive drying and increased capacity.

Boring and milling machine

BF 50DIG is a very popular machine with a dovetail-shaped gearbox head guide for an exceptional precision and stability of operation.

Tube and profile bending machine

The machine allows for bending tubes and profiles of various materials. The device is functional because it ensures a uniform pressing force and over the entire workpiece surface for an undisturbed material structure.

Gel coating machine

Use: polyester and vinyl ester spray gel coats and resins with a significantly reduced styrene emissions and porosity. System: airless spray supported by compressed air.

Holzmann welding machine

Compact, high capacity, energy-saving, low-noise welding machine with a high quality welding torch for MIG welding of alloy and carbon steels.

Holzmann welding machine

Compact, portable AC/DC TIG/WIG welding machine with a foot pedal (FT-1 option), for stainless and structural steels and aluminium. 2T/4T control function, digital display and adjustable starting current setting.

Profiling saw

The saw has a 3200-mm long profiled aluminium table with a boom. Perfect i.a. for machining large parts and cutting large, heavy wood-based boards.

Compact veneering machine

A professional compact veneering machine with pre-milling, scraper and KZM 6 polishing machine! (diamond cutters).

and many more...